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Real Life Adventure Travel Helps Demystify the Tented Camping Safari Experience in East Africa

July 28, 2011

A tented safari in East Africa (photo courtesy of Real Life Adventure Travel).

The annual peak season for the safari industry in Tanzania, East Africa kicks off now, and East Africa safari expert Real Life Adventure Travel releases their “anatomy of a tented camp” to help demystify the under canvas safari experience for travelers.

“The idea of sleeping in a tent in Africa is one that remains shrouded in uncertainty and mystery for many travelers,” said Robin Felix, North American representative for Real Life Adventure Travel. “Our focus is on authentic safari experiences, and one of the most romantic elements of this style of safari is spending the nights under canvas. Here you can listen to the sounds of the African night all around you, and feel completely connected to your surroundings while enjoying exceptionally comfortable accommodations.”

Key elements of the tented camping safari experience in East Africa include;

  • The Tent: Typically 8 x 10 or larger in size, the tents may include a writing desk, armoire, suitcase rack and of course the bed. Our favorite décor includes local crafts and hand made carpets, pillow cases and more.
  • The bathrooms: Attached at the back of the tent, the bathrooms in a mobile tented camp include a wash basin, flush toilet and shower. Depending on how mobile the safari experience is, showers may be lovely hot “bucket” showers which are filled on request by the camp staff, or in more permanent situations there will be hot running water.
  • The bed: Typically king sized and plush, these beds are a welcome sight at the end of a long day on safari. Hot water bottles slipped between the sheets before you retire for the night keep you warm in cooler months.
  • The veranda: From the shaded veranda of your tent, lounge in the safari chairs as you sip your morning coffee, or as you review your photographs from the day while enjoying a local Kilimanjaro-brand beer.
  • The staff: This is perhaps the most important, defining element of the tented camp. The staff is always on hand to draw your hot shower, wash your clothes, make up your bed for the evening and bring your hot coffee as the sun rises in the morning. Also, in the evenings around the camp fire the staff often recounts stories of growing up in Africa, sharing their love of the land and insight into their lives and communities. This is one of the best ways to learn about the real Africa.

You can visit Real Life Adventure Travel’s blog for a portfolio of great images of tented camps, real traveler tented camp experiences and more.

Real Life Adventure Travel is a Tanzanian-owned safari company specializing in custom crafted safari experiences that highlight the unique and colorful cultures of the destination.

The company is currently organizing a charity safari for early 2012. To participate in this “Adventures for Hope” safari contact Robin Felix at for an information packet, the safari itinerary and fundraising details.

For more information or to inquire about a safari in East Africa, contact Real Life Adventure Travel at or visit

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