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Home Exchange Can Make Cost of Attending London Olympics Affordable

March 27, 2012

The countdown is on to the start of the 2012 Olympic Games and, with visitors to London facing expensive travel costs, this is the perfect time to arrange a home swap and cut out accommodation costs completely.

With thousands of Home Base Holidays members living near Olympic venues in and around London and many offering their homes for exchange during the Olympics and Paralympics, there are so many attractive home swap offers to choose from.

Home Base Holidays members, Canadians Gloria and Joe, with tickets for four events, have already arranged an exchange to attend the Olympics:

“We always knew we wanted to do a home swap having considered it for many years. The thought of all the money we’ve ‘wasted’ on hotels!”

The home and location:

“Our London home exchange looks like a nice house with parking, a wee garden and owned by a family of three just like us. If it is lacking in extraordinary views or fascinating historical associations, it will make up for in comfort and predictability, a premium commodity indeed when travelling. In short, it may not be haunted by the ghost of Virginia Woolf, but at least it’s not haunted! Moreover, its location makes it ideal to get to the Olympic park – this really being a major bonus.”

Gloria, Joe and daughter, Harper are exchanging their large 1894 Victoria home complete with turret in Woodstock, Ontario, for the Salter family’s modern home in South Woodford, East London.

Home Base Holidays spokesperson, Lois Sealey, says: “Arranging a home exchange is a great money saver especially during a busy period like the Olympics when hotel room rates are soaring. Swapping homes enables visitors to experience the ‘real’ city like Londoners while enjoying the space and convenience of a comfortable home.” See Olympics home exchange information and sample offers.

Founded in 1985, Home Base Holidays is a long established home exchange service with offices in London and Asia, providing free information in monthly newsletters and blog, Travel the Home Exchange Way. Join Home Base Holidays for only £29 for a full year’s membership. Arrange as many swaps as you like from the thousands of up-to-date home swap offers available in 70+ countries.

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HomeExchange can be win-win for visitors, Londoners for 2012 Olympics

November 10, 2011

London will be the center of the world while hosting the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games. 8 million fans are expected in the mythic stadiums to support 10,000 athletes from 204 nations. But for those who come from abroad, the budget including travel, tickets and accommodation can be a problem, especially for families.

In the meantime, a number of Londoners will take advantage of the Olympics to take a break from the city, leaving empty houses and apartments behind them. allows supporters and Londoners to meet and become happy exchange partners: Londoners plan vacations of a lifetime at no cost, while visitors find real homes in the City during its most demanded time ever, a win-win for both.

I’m hoping to organize an exchange for the olympics. I’m not a huge fan of sports so I can exchange with people who will appreciate being here then. By coming to London they’d be here right in the thick of it! They’d get to be part of the buzz that is happening in the city at this time, and London is a great place to visit, especially in the summer. My property is actually in the host borough where the Olympics are being held. So you could be in Stratford in 10mn by bus! Or you can take the greenway which is currently being built and walk there. You couldn’t be any closer to the action,” says Ikumelo G., a London HomeExchange Member.

In the past few years HomeExchange has become a mainstream travel option, now recommended by major insurance companies. The success of the site at the occasion of the coming London games proves that discerning travelers have discovered value that goes well beyond unlimited vacations for less than the cost of a single night in a hotel.

Founded in 1992, has become one of the leading home exchange agencies in the world with more than 40,000 members in 142 countries. The site started its strategic development in 2005 with the French Trocmaison, followed by 16 more international sites. 60,000 exchanges were achieved in 2010, while 200 new listings join every 7 days. Among members, 98 percent declared they were satisfied with their exchange partners. Families are the most represented social group.

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