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Luxury Meets Sustainability at Casa Bonita Tropical Lodge with an Organic River Spa and On-Site Hydro Plant

July 3, 2012

Casa Bonita Tropical Lodge, located in the pristine Sierra Barahuco Mountains of the Dominican Republic, offers travelers green luxury with ease. For the first time this innovative property is shedding light on its environmental focus, and the array of eco initiatives that set it apart. From its own hydroelectric generator to community efforts to clean the shore, these green practices are sure to excite the eco-conscious traveler.

Nurturing a symbiotic relationship with the natural environment and local community, Casa Bonita Tropical Lodge shows how the best of creature comforts and sustainable hospitality practices go hand-in-hand.

Eco-friendly initiatives include:

  • Hydro Plant – Situated on the Riosito River that runs through the property, the lodge’s own hydroelectric generator supplies the hotel with 30% of its energy. Guests are taken to visit the hydro plant – raising awareness of the viability of renewable energy practices.
  • Farm-to-Table Cuisine – With its own organic garden supplying the restaurant with fresh vegetables and herbs, Casa Bonita’s innovative cuisine is the product of the hotel’s commitment to sustainable farm-to-table practices. All produce is sourced locally and fishermen from the town of Barahuco catch the fresh fish daily.
  • Tanama Eco Spa – Nestled in the Bahoruco forest, Tanama Eco Spa’s signature treatment is performed in the river for an all-encompassing natural experience that exemplifies the hotel’s environmental connection. The spa’s products are all locally sourced featuring ingredients such as organic fruits, vegetables, herbs and native stones, without the addition of chemicals or pesticides.
  • Partnership with FEDOSURF — Casa Bonita has partnered with The Dominican Federation of Surf (FEDOSURF) to restore the beautiful beachfront of Barahona Bahoruco. In addition to working alongside locals to restore the shore, the initiative will provide training for the native surfers in ecosystem management and conservation practices.
  • UNESCO Biosphere Reserve — Casa Bonita Tropical Lodge is adjacent to Jaragua-Bahoruco-Enriquillo Biosphere Reserve, the only UNESCO Biosphere reserve in the Dominican Republic. Offering guest’s excursions to the natural wonder, the hotel works to build awareness and celebrate the regions astounding biodiversity.
  • Community Outreach – Guests can take part in community efforts to transform the small local shops that sell jewelry made from the Dominican Republic’s indigenous stone, Larimar. Working with the locals, guests can participate in the upkeep, spending an afternoon painting and refurbishing storefronts, while also learning how the native Larimar is worked.

Located in the Dominican Republic’s unspoiled southwestern Barahuco Mountains, the 12-cabaña Casa Bonita Tropical Lodge offers green luxury with ease for the eco-conscious traveler.

Situated on 160 acres of pristine wilderness, Casa Bonita features its own electricity-producing hydro plant, a signature, organic river spa, farm-to-table cuisine, and opportunities to partake in local sustainability initiatives.

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April 1, 2011

Sandos Caracol Eco Resort & Spa (, Mexico has just opened its eco-chic ocean view accommodations and facilities, making it the most sustainable hotel in the Riviera Maya region.

RIVIERA MAYA, Mexico (April 1, 2011) –

Sandos Caracol Eco Resort & Spa (, Mexico has just opened its eco-chic ocean view accommodations and facilities, making it the most sustainable hotel in the region.  A variety of environmental preservation programs, educational eco-tourism activities for guests and the new eco rooms combine to make Sandos Caracol one of the most eco-friendly hotels in the world.

Upgrading a total of 99 rooms, while maintaining the resort’s ecological standard of reducing CO2 emissions by 70%, Sandos Caracol incorporated new modern architectural designs for a more contemporary look.  In terms of sustainability, each room has an air conditioning system with low power consumption, a solar system to heat the water to eliminate using gas, an Internal lighting system based on energy-efficient LED and in-room water coolers to reduce the use of plastic water bottles.  Additionally, there is a new recycling system in place for waste water.

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