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Sleep with an Eye for Art at Bavaria’s ‘Sightsleeping’ Collection of Castles, Palaces, Designer Hotels

June 11, 2014
Neuschwanstein Palace in winter © BAYERN TOURISMUS Marketing GmbH

Neuschwanstein Palace in winter © BAYERN TOURISMUS Marketing GmbH

Bavaria’s collection of Sightsleeping® hotels invites you to say in palaces, castles and designer hotels and surround your senses with the arts even where you sleep. The newest collection of 43 properties includes a stylish city hotel in Nuremberg, a chalet with lodge views of the mountains beyond Lake Tegernsee, and a 15th-century castle.

Membership in this exclusive collection is based on agreement by a jury of art experts, professional designers, journalists and tourism experts. Criteria for inclusion are the attraction value and the aesthetic level of an establishment. Only those candidates where sightseeing begins in the hotel itself can be included under the motto “Sleeping with an eye for art”. These hotels offer a new option in experiential travel, where arts and culture are as important in the hotel where you stay as they are in the destination visited.

“We offer many cultural events in Bavaria from exhibitions to classical concerts, jazz weeks and more”, explains theme manager Kristina Nagl. “With Sightsleeping® Hotels, we now offer guests accommodation options that are also culturally oriented. Sightsleeping® stands for a new type of travel, in which the hotel experience plays a central role. You are as you sleep. The arts are your muse”.

The Sightsleeping® jury meets in October each year to decide which new candidates to admit to the collection. The strict selection process guarantees the quality of the offerings. Criteria include the attraction value and the aesthetic level of an establishment. Palaces and fortresses or contemporary architecture with a modern design are all viable candidates for the portfolio. An important requirement is that the décor be worth seeing – with paintings, prints, drawings or sculptures with real aesthetic appeal, or where a concept can be identified. The hotels are often further distinguished by their own cultural offerings and organize readings by authors, concerts or theater productions.

Information about the Sightsleeping® hotels, events in and around them, and a downloadable version of the Sightsleeping® catalogue are available at

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