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American Youth Circus Festival to be Held in Seattle, Aug 14-18

July 18, 2013

Ringling Circus

For kids and young adults that have always dreamed of flying on the trapeze or walking the tight rope, the American Youth Circus Organization (AYCO) has opened the door to make that dream a reality this summer. The AYCO is hosting the 2013 American Youth Circus Festival in Seattle, August 14-18, to benefit and educate this community, and provide a way to support and inspire youth circus in the United States.

The biennial festival allows circus educators, young adults, young professionals, and enthusiasts to gather and socialize with their peers. The 5-day festival will draw in participants from over 30 states, three countries, and 50 different circus organizations. The main goal of the festival is not competition but national community building. The programs range from creative to traditional, and encourage attendees to be social, network, and have fun.

Participants can choose from over 150 workshops and participate in social events and showcases. Intensives are also offered in contortion, tumbling and acrobatics, aerial techniques and creative acts.

The benefits of the festival go far beyond learning how to juggle,” explains Amy Cohen, Executive Director of AYCO. “It does, of course, teach participants how to master many circus acts, but it also promotes social skills, self-discipline, and commitment. It promotes self-esteem, provides a creative outlet, and helps kids stay fit and succeed in school. The festival does not just help young people become better circus performers – it helps them become better individuals and community members as well.”

This year’s event will be held at the School of Acrobatics and New Circus Arts (SANCA) in Seattle, WA. The event will be held from August 14-18, 2013. Registration is open to the public.

For festival information, applications and registration, visit

The American Youth Circus Organization was founded in 1998. The organization promotes the participation of youth in circus arts and supports circus educators. The AYCO works to connect, assist, advocate, and set safety standards for youth circus organizations, educators, performers and professionals across the United States. For more information visit

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