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5 Best Airports to Get Stuck At

February 3, 2015
Flying into West Palm Beach, Florida, considered one of the best airports to spend time © 2015 Karen Rubin/

Flying into West Palm Beach, Florida, considered one of the best airports to spend time © 2015 Karen Rubin/

Tens of thousands of travelers are discovering that flying can involve a lot of waiting at airports.

Select airports throughout the country are incorporating a multitude of options into their facilities such as world-class dining, kid-friendly play areas, and special features to ensure their travelers depart to destinations happily.

Amenities such as free Wi-Fi, 24 hour restaurant options, and availability of comfortable furniture are no longer a luxury but a necessity., the dating destination site, polled 52,347 individuals to find out where their favorite U.S. airports were. Members were asked to rank airports in major cities based on The 4 C’s: comfort, convenience, customer service, and cleanliness. The top five favorite U.S. airports of MissTravel site users are listed below (in no particular order).

2014’s Best Airports: Based on Travel Preferences of 52,347 American Individuals

PDX: Portland, Oregon

SAV: Savannah, Georgia

SFO: San Francisco, California

PBI: West Palm Beach, Florida

PHL: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Portland has a reputation for hipsters and their airport is certainly trendy. Shopping options like Nike, Kiehl’s and Brookstone allow passengers to kill time while waiting for their flight. If shopping isn’t an option, free WiFi is given to all travelers upon arrival.

While visiting Savannah, travelers are transported in time to a historic southern street, complete with benches, a mock square, and a large clock under gorgeous glass ceilings.

The San Francisco airport also offers passengers free WiFi and is strewn with modern shops and elegant dining options. This airport has a completely modern aesthetic, even the bathrooms appear as if they are made of faux wood.

Visiting Florida? PBI remains the easiest Floridian airport to navigate because it is more compact than others in the area. Bonus points, there is a putting green for golf lovers, just past security!

If you are traveling through the Philadelphia airport, be sure to pack your workout clothes. Philly’s “Just Plane Fun” fitness area has elliptical machines and stationary bikes for the traveler who is trying to remain active.

“Today, airports are stepping up their game to attract new travelers or create loyal customers,” explains CEO and Founder of MissTravel, Brandon Wade. “The airports on this list are innovators due to their building design, customer service, and first-class amenities. Other airports should follow suit, or they could quickly lose clientele.”


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