Travel Insurance Company Promotes Cancel For Any Reason Coverage in Wake of Terrorism Concerns

MIAMI – With the events which took place in Paris, Brusssels, Nice, Thailand and other destinations, travelers struggle to balance their vital interest in cultural enrichment and world experiences with common sense precautions to safeguard themselves, their families and their investments.  April Travel Protection, a travel insurance company, is attempting to educate Americans on the ins and outs of travel insurance to help travelers understand what is and what isn’t covered under various policies.

“In many cases, travelers purchase insurance policies with certain expectations only to find out their policy does not afford the protection they initially believed,” said Jason Schreier, CEO of APRIL USA. “Unfortunately, many travel insurance policies are not very clear about the precise circumstances in which coverage is triggered, and policyholders often fail to read or have difficulty comprehending the fine print.”

As an industry standard, travel insurance does not include “fear of traveling” based on terror threats. Terrorism is only covered in cases where an attack impacts travel plans prior to or during travel. Policies must also be purchased before the terrorism event takes place.

“This is an important distinction as it precludes trip cancellation coverage based on state department advisories, including instances where intelligence agencies have credible information on an impending attack,” Schreier explained.

APRIL’s philosophy is to provide easy-to-understand agreements in order to help prospective policyholders choose the right options for their specific needs. And while the company’s forward-thinking policies are among the most comprehensive in the industry, Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) coverage provides the ultimate peace of mind for travelers concerned about planning travel in an era complicated by terrorism.

CFAR provides the ultimate protection as it places the decision of trip cancellation squarely in policyholders’ hands. One’s reasoning behind the cancellation request-whether it be fear of terrorism, Zika infection or simple buyers’ remorse-is left to their own discretion.

“Most insurance companies charge an arm and a leg for CFAR coverage,” said Schreier. “We make CFAR reasonable and affordable in our VIP plan.”

The typical standard for CFAR coverage options practiced by the majority of travel insurance companies is a 45% or 50% surcharge on top of the total policy cost. For example, a 55-year-old insuring a $10,000 trip would incur an additional charge of $315 to $350 on top of the base policy premium. Comparatively, the cost for CFAR on APRIL’s VIP Plan is only $60-a flat charge that does not increase regardless of the trip cost or the age of the policyholder.

“There are so many ‘unknown’ events that cannot be predicted, and of course, sickness or a broken leg are significantly more likely than a terrorist attack, but shouldn’t we cover it all just in case? This is the reasoning behind CFAR and is why it affords the most comprehensive coverage available,” explains Schreier.

Additionally, all policies sold by APRIL and its partners feature “instant adjudication” at the core of APRIL’s signature ‘Stress Less’ Benefits-a ground-breaking feature which allows policyholders to enjoy their vacation without having to worry about out-of-pocket expenses in an emergency.

The first insurance company to provide this progressive benefit to U.S. policyholders, APRIL offers instant adjudication for a wide range of potential inconveniences that can’t be predicted in advance, including emergency medical coverage up to $250,000 (with no deductible), trip interruption covering up to 150% of your trip’s cost, and evacuation benefits up to $500,000. Cancellations are eligible for reimbursement of 100% of their trip costs for situations including injury, sickness, death, job loss or relocation, supplier default, weather, natural disasters, terrorism, military duty, strikes and more.

APRIL’s takes a pro-active approach that keeps up with travelers’ evolving needs with a multi-lingual team and 24/7 toll-free access from most destinations as well as other convenient support channels from Skype to texting, email and live chat. APRIL claims to be the first company to pioneer these support methods for American travelers.

APRIL Travel Protection is owned by APRIL, an international group with 45 operational companies in more than 40 different countries.  APRIL is listed on Euronext Stock Exchange and has yearly sales of more than $1.1 billion.

The company’s U.S. division is supported by American Modern Insurance Group (an AM Best A+ rated carrier) as its preferred underwriter and is headquartered at 11900 Biscayne Blvd. Suite 600, Miami, FL, 33181.

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