Sugartooth Tours Introduces NYC ‘Bright Lights & Broadway Bites Dessert Tour’

NYC's Great White Way. Sugartooth Tours has just introduced 'Bright Lights & Broadway Bites Dessert Tour' © 2014 Karen Rubin/

NYC’s Great White Way. Sugartooth Tours has just introduced ‘Bright Lights & Broadway Bites Dessert Tour’ © 2014 Karen Rubin/

The Big Apple is famous for delicious food and its equally amazing Broadway shows! So why not combine two of the greatest activities in New York City? Local dessert tour company, Sugartooth Tours, is doing just that and just in time for the holiday season with visions of sugar plums dancing, is introducing the ‘Bright Lights and Broadway Bites Dessert Tour.’

The duo behind Sugartooth Tours, Sarah Rolleston and Allyson Tolbert, have the chops (no pun intended) and background when it comes to theater and what tastes great. The two have traveled the country touring in theater productions, performed in NYC and tried every dessert possible along the way! The experience resulted in their newest tour, which is perfect for both locals and tourists alike! Currently, Rolleston and Tolbert are active NYC actors and founders of Sugartooth Tours. The ladies have also starred in various local NYC productions and national productions. Local productions include: Musicals Tonight, For Goodness Sake, and Fiddler on the Roof to name a few. National Broadway productions include: The Producers, Beauty and the Beast and Catch Me if You Can.

“What we’ve found on a handful of our tours is that a lot of guests are really interested in our background as New York actors and the history around Broadway,” said Sarah Rolleston, co-founder of Sugartooth Tours. “And what the public wants, the public gets! We thought it would be fun to combine our delicious tours with the history behind the bright lights and feature some tasty stops on the way,” added Tolbert.

So what can one expect on this tour? Each tour will be guided by real NYC actors who are also licensed tour guides through the Theater District for the inside scoop on Broadway and the theatre district’s history. Also along the way, interesting tid-bits will be shared about the shows that are currently playing on Broadway. Tour-goers are encouraged to catch a tour before or after a matinee on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. The tour will run year-round and tickets will be available the first week in November.

“Guests are guaranteed to have a great time on this tour. Whether you’re a theater buff or a dessert connoisseur, we have you covered! We’re excited to share insider info, like where you can spot Broadway stars, and of course there’s dessert!” continued Rolleston. “We’ll be focusing on New York classics as well as some unusual finds as we stop at classic delis, old school favorite theater haunts, and tucked away bakeries.”

Sure there may be other Theater District/Broadway walking tours, but there’s only one that gives you a literal taste of NYC and a first-hand background on what goes on behind the red curtain. Sugartooth Tours has your ticket.

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