CasaVersa Facilitates Home-Swaps Globally in Burgeoning Sharing Economy

CasaVersa’s home-swapping program provides an affordable vacation option for anyone who wants to see the world from a new perspective. CasaVersa facilitates the exchange by providing the platform to build trusting relationships between people from different parts of the world, at a maximum fee of $45 after the first swap.

More than 10 million people around the globe participate in home swaps, according to recent studies by Lloyds TSB Insurance.

“Getting a house match on CasaVersa is more than a transaction,” says Yariv “Ajar” Gilad, Founder and CEO. “We help you create an insider experience with someone you otherwise would have never met. You will then more genuinely experience life in their corner of the world instead of spending a week in a hotel exposed only to the typical tourist experience.”

No money changes hands between hosts in a CasaVersa experience. CasaVersa website participants don’t have to pay a single fee for their first home swap match. Subsequent matches are only $45; at the fourth swap and beyond, the service is free, if within a single year. The other homeswapping sites require upfront yearly subscription fees from $120 to $1,700, even if no exchange is made. CasaVersa verifies personal information and provides guidelines for preparing homes for exchanges.

CasaVersa introduces its members to the collaborative economy, in which consumers share or exchange goods – in this case, homes – for mutual benefit.

“CasaVersa offers vacations for real people,” concluded Gilad. “It isn’t about money. Swappers can share favorite restaurants, shops, and sites. These peer-to-peer travel opportunities ensure the travelers are instantly part of the community they are visiting.”


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