Registration Underway for Women’s Empowerment Workshop in Vail, Colorado, Sept 11-15


Awaken in Nature, an combination luxury and nature adventure retreat returning to Vail this September has recently received generous support allowing for a limited number of spots in the five day experience at a greatly reduced price of $1,200 if registered by August 17.  
The experiential retreat, created by Women’s Empowerment Workshop, differentiates itself by focusing on long-term positive empowerment for women by continuing to follow up with participants after the actual retreat.  With the spectacular backdrop of Vail September 11–15th, women will find one of the best times to truly reconnect with what is important in life. 
Headquartered at the plush Vail Racquet Club, meals during the all-inclusive event will be provided by Vail’s popular restaurant, Blu’s.  Examples of activities during the Vail Awaken in Nature program include rafting, kayaking, healing via horses, hiking, rock climbing, yoga and more all led by experts in each field.  See more at or call 877.595.8622.  This offer is only valid until Sunday, August 17, and has a limited number of spots still left.


The deadline for registration for “Awaken in Nature,” presented by Women’s Empowerment Workshop is approaching at the end of August.  The transformational five day program takes place in Vail, Colorado, September 11-15, which also includes months of follow-up coaching.

Women’s Empowerment Workshop, which was offered for the first time in Vail last fall, holds retreats around the globe. With a mind/body/soul/nature connection focus, Vail’s Awaken in Nature retreat in September is specifically geared to meet the needs of women of all ages and abilities, without leaving the U.S.  Led by experts in each field, the retreat includes activities such as rafting, kayaking, healing via horses, hiking, rock climbing, yoga and more.

Headquartered at the plush Vail Racquet Club, meals during the all-inclusive retreat will be provided by Vail’s popular restaurant, Blu’s.

Experts leading Awaken in nature include founder Susie Kincade, a Transformational Wilderness Guide, a Ted Series speaker, former Olympic-level competitor and a person who can relate across a wide spectrum of women’s lives due to her prior experiences in both the corporate and private business marketing sectors.  Joining Kincade are Victoria FittsMilgrim, Founder of True Life Coaching and specializing in The Heroine’s Journey, Equine Therapy innovator Melisa Pearce, founder of Touched by a Horse and practicer of the Gestalt method of learning, and Josie Fenton, a Wilderness Therapist and Life Coach who founded the Lodestone Way Coaching program.

The all-inclusive innovative retreat includes:

**5 days/4 nights lodging at Vail Racquet Club (alternatives available for local residents)

**All meals

**All activities, including rafting, kayaking, healing via horses, hiking, rock climbing, yoga and more

**A seasoned and passionate full team of counselors, leaders and experts in their field, available for both group discovery sessions and one-on-one time

**Price: $1,900, all-inclusive, including lodging meals, activities, coaching and more.

Founder Susie Kincade began the program “after recognizing the growing sense of separation that people are feeling from the natural systems of the Earth.” Sensing the lack of awareness of what human impact is having on the Earth, Kincade connected the separation to what humans do in their own lives and created programming that combines adventure, education and mentorship while experiencing nature. The resulting re-connection to the Earth also enriches everyday life choices.

Go to for information and registration.

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