Blue Moon Expeditions Offers World Class Florida Backcountry Fishing

A wonderful way to have a wilderness fishing vacation for a couple of days or a week is to escape to the Flamingo, Ten Thousand Islands area of the Florida Everglades. This isolated tip of the Florida Peninsula is one of the truly uncharted wilderness areas left in the country, a primeval place that time forgot and man has not yet paved over.

There are no roads; only the 99 mile long Wilderness Waterway, plus countless other miles of bays, bends, creeks, coves and inlets that have exotic names like Lostman’s River, Alligator Bay, Shark Point, Graveyard Creek and Gunboat Island. This strange world of half land, half water is still the home of the alligator, and the crocodile, the almost extinct Florida Panther, deer, feral hogs and raccoons with birds in unimaginable numbers and denizens large and small, innocent and threatening. But most of all, it is the home of some of the finest fishing in the world; of line- busting snook, redfish, trout and giant tarpon in quantities to boggle the eye and the imagination.

Blue Moon Expeditions organizes this wilderness adventure via a trip aboard The Floating, Luxury Lodge, La Casa Marquesas.

Contact Blue Moon Expeditions,Myrtle Beach, SC, by email at or call 1-800-518-9124 or 1-305-849-8254,

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