Launches Contest to Choose Couple Willing to ‘Test Drive’ retirement in Ecuador–Free is looking for a single person or couple willing to spend a month road-testing an overseas retirement in colonial Cuenca, Ecuador – a destination that earned the top spot in their 2012 Global Retirement Index, a listing of the world’s best retirement havens.

According to’s want ad, entrants “Must be willing to relax… explore a new place… shop the local farmers and craft markets… take walks… go to concerts… attend festivals… maybe try a Spanish class… enjoy local restaurants… make new friends. Ideal candidate is of (or close to) retirement age, hails from the U.S. or Canada, and believes that – in the right places overseas – it’s possible to live better, for less.”

The overseas experts at have launched this competition to give the winner a chance to live in Cuenca for a month and report on the experience.

The winning entrant (plus a spouse, partner, or friend) will be given free flights to the South American nation, paid-for accommodation and a living stipend.

Although no writing experience is necessary, the winner will be asked to share impressions and experiences with readers of’s magazine, website and e-letters.

“We’re not giving away a free vacation,” explained International Living’s executive editor, Jennifer Stevens. “We’re giving our winner the chance to take an overseas retirement for a test-drive.

“And it’s an opportunity for us to show readers what life on the ground there is really like for somebody who, like them, is considering the benefits of a retirement abroad.”

Low living costs, friendly locals, varied climate and good healthcare have pushed Ecuador to the top of’s annual Global Retirement Index for three years running.

Stevens continued, “We’ve been telling the world that Ecuador is the number one place for an overseas retirement for years – now we’re going to prove it by sending retirees there to see for themselves.”

The winner will get a round-trip airfare (for two) to Ecuador from his or her home city in the United States or Canada, a four-week stay in a furnished apartment in the historic city of Cuenca and a $1,500 living-expense stipend.

According to research from, a couple can live well in Cuenca on a budget of $915 per month after rent.

In turn, the winner will document the month-long stay and share details on costs, what he or she does to stay busy, impressions of Cuenca and of living overseas.

If the winner’s reporting is used, will pay for it at the company’s regular freelance-writer rates – on top of the $1,500 living-expense stipend.

Those wishing to enter the “Win Your Dream Retirement Overseas” Competition, can do so by posting a video to YouTube (no more than three minutes in length) explaining why they would like to retire overseas – and why they would like to try a one-month test-drive in Ecuador.

The deadline for submitting videos is midnight EST on March 15, 2012. Candidates must be ready to fly to Ecuador before the end of 2012.

Full competition details, plus terms and conditions and instructions on how to enter, can be seen here. “Win a Dream Retirement Overseas“.

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