Polynesian Cultural Center in Hawaii Presents 22nd Annual Moanikeala Hula Festival, Jan. 21

Halau Hula Olana. Hawaii’s premiere hula event of 2012, the Moanikeala Hula Festival will be held on Saturday, Jan. 21, in PCC’s Pacific Theater.

Beauty, grace and tradition come alive as hula halau (hula schools) from across Hawaii and Japan take the stage at the Polynesian Cultural Center’s (PCC) 22nd Annual Moanikeala Hula Festival, captivating crowds in this stunning hoike (festival).

Hawaii’s premiere hula event of 2012, the Moanikeala Hula Festival will be held on Saturday, Jan. 21, 2012, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in PCC’s Pacific Theater.

Starting as a keiki (child) hula competition over two decades ago, Moanikeala has since blossomed into an annual hoike featuring dancers of all ages whose elegant movements paint pictures and narrate stories of ancient and modern Hawaii. The event showcases many of the world’s most talented halau and honors Aunty Sally Wood Naluai, PCC’s first Hawaiian Instructor, perpetuating her over 60 year passion for teaching the magnificent Hawaiian art. Aunty Sally taught numerous haumana (students), from the Center’s opening in 1963, until her retirement in 1980. After retiring, she continued to work with the PCC as a consultant until she passed away in 2000. Many of her past haumana have since formed their own halau.

“With her love and passion for sharing the Hawaiian culture, especially hula, Aunty Sally touched the hearts of many, not only in Hawai‘i, but throughout Polynesia, the Pacific and the world,” said Ellen Gay Dela Rosa, PCC’s theater director and Aunty Sally’s niece. “Today her legacy is carried through her students, who continue to perform and share the culture of Hawaii.”

Festival admission is $10 for adults ages 16 and older, and $6 for keiki from ages 5 to 15. Admission is free for Kamaaina Annual Pass holders and keiki younger than 5.

For more information or to make reservations, visit Polynesia.com or call the PCC ticket office at (800) 367-7060. On Oahu call (808) 293-3333.

Founded in 1963 as a non-profit organization, the Polynesian Cultural Center (PCC) has entertained more than 36 million visitors, while preserving and portraying the culture, arts and crafts of Polynesia to the rest of the world. In addition, the PCC has provided financial assistance to nearly 17,000 young people from more than 70 different countries while they attend Brigham Young University-Hawaii. As a non-profit organization, 100 percent of PCC’s revenue is used for daily operations and to support education.
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