Sweepstakes Offers Chance to Win a Trip to Japan on Facebook

As holiday shopping time enters high season, there is a chance for a big Christmas gift for Japan fans. Starting November 30, Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) runs a month-long sweepstakes campaign for the US market on Facebook with the grand prize of a customized trip for 4 to Japan.

From November 30 through December 30, the campaign is open to participants to enter the Japan Party Express sweepstakes on JNTO’s Visit Japan Facebook page. Each participant must enter with 3 other Facebook users who are also friends of Visit Japan’s page. Friends of JNTO’s Visit Japan can access to the sweepstakes at the Visit Japan Facebook page. The prize goes to one entry, a group of 4 lucky Facebook friends, who will travel to Japan with a theme chosen from 4 categories; food, tradition, adventure and pop culture. The winners will travel between January and the end of March, 2012.

The Japan Party Express Sweepstakes is part of an ongoing effort to raise more public awareness of the Visit Japan Facebook page among digital social network communities. The Executive Director of the JNTO New York Office, Ms. Yuki Tanaka, hopes to have more people becoming friends of Visit Japan page on Facebook as well as increase the presence of tourism to Japan in the digital world.

This campaign is exclusively for the U.S. market, and the entry eligibility requires Facebook users to be friends for Visit Japan page residing in the United States. Visit Japan’s US Facebook page currently has more than 70,000 friends, and provides daily updates on tourism to Japan, deals, Japan travel related news and Japan related topics.

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