Arctic Kingdom launches Arctic Explorer Yachting

Arctic Kingdom, a leader in Arctic expeditions and polar logistics, is launching the latest program in polar tourism: Explorer-yacht expeditions.

“Yacht captains and owners are searching for new, untapped cruising grounds,” says Arctic Kingdom’s Chief Expedition Officer, Graham Dickson. “And the Arctic, with miles of jaw-dropping coastline, teeming with polar bears, walrus and whales, is catching their eyes.”

Given the vast wilderness, Arctic yacht-logistics and itinerary building can be challenging for super-yacht captains and crews. This is where Arctic Kingdom’s 12 years of experience come in to play. Arctic Kingdom knows the people, the places and the secrets of the regions to create expertly crafted itineraries tailor made for yacht clients. They have the tools and expertise to put together seamless, custom-made yacht expeditions. Such expeditions include overnight side-trips to such places as Ellesmere Island, Greenland’s Ice Cap and even the North Pole made possible given the company’s remarkable network.

While the Arctic region remains pristine, it is largely accessible from the yachting mecca of New England, making the destination even more appealing. For a yacht based on the Eastern Seaboard, Greenland, Labrador and the Canadian Arctic, including the Northwest Passage, are much closer than other explorer yacht hotspots like the Amazon, Galapagos or Alaska.

Arctic Kingdom is also providing their explorer yacht clients with custom Antarctic itineraries planning and logistics services.

This past August, Arctic Kingdom delivered an expertly-crafted yacht program, including building the itinerary and handling all logistics and guiding, for an explorer mega-yacht. During a six-week period, the yacht explored the coasts of Greenland, Baffin Island, Hudson’s Bay and Labrador. Guests witnessed massive icebergs calving from glaciers, countless whales, along with seals, wolves, caribou and at least 15 polar bears. The popular yachting publication Boat International published an article about the trip in their November issue.

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About Arctic Kingdom

Arctic Kingdom is a leading  Canadian Arctic outfitter and logistics provider, specializing in supporting documentary and feature films, scientific operations and offers world class polar tourism experiences by scheduled departures and private custom itineraries. Through its combination of small groups, safari style arctic camps, expedition experts and the knowledgeable Inuit guides, Arctic Kingdom ensures their guest’s experience in the world’s most captivating region is topnotch.

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