Eco-Friendly Rail Vacations For Earth Day–And Every Other Day

Traveling by rail isn't just good for the environment and the wallet, it also is a unique adventure, giving a special perspective of scenery. Here, Alaska's train, from Denali National Park to Talkeetna © 2011 Karen Rubin/

Go “green” and save with vacations that are kind to the environment and the pocket book

Chicago, Illinois – April 18, 2011 –

With Earth Day around the corner, the environment—and our role in protecting it—is top of mind as we’re reminded of our social responsibility be it in every day activities or in coordinating the annual family vacation. Travelers interested in planning an eco-friendly getaway need not look further than a train package from Vacations By Rail. The Chicago-based travel company specializes in train vacations to popular destinations throughout the world that decrease one’s carbon footprint and the impact of travel on the environment while offering a unique vacation experience.

Within the United States, Vacations By Rail incorporates travel aboard some of Amtrak’s most iconic trains including the legendary California Zephyr, historic Empire Builder, and stunning Coast Starlight. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, domestic travel by train is 20% more efficient than air travel and 28% more efficient than travel by car on a per-passenger-mile basis.

Similarly, train travel within Canada has been made even more environmentally-friendly with the use of greener locomotives along VIA Rail’s transcontinental rail routes as well as eco-friendly maintenance practices among other green innovations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Train travel is also more energy efficient, using less fuel per passenger mile than cars or airplanes. With the price of gasoline expected to reach unprecedented rates per gallon this summer, it is also an affordable mode of transportation for upcoming vacations. Handing over driving and navigation duties to the railroad, travelers can experience parts of the country accessible by no other means of transportation when riding the rails, enjoying a unique perspective of nature and its unspoiled beauty.

Go green with Vacations By Rail. Select from hundreds of vacations that include historic rail routes, eco-friendly trains, breathtaking scenery, unique sightseeing, and National Parks. Visit or speak with a rail specialist at 877-929-7245.

About Vacations by Rail:
Vacations By Rail is the leading seller of rail travel and tours in North America and the trusted authority on rail vacations. Travelers can choose from the largest selection of independent rail vacations, escorted rail tours, and luxury rail journeys around the world.  Vacations By Rail also provides virtually every European rail pass and ticket to meet customers’ European travel needs. For more information on Vacations By Rail and the company’s products, visit or call 877-929-7245.

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