MSC Cruises alters itineraries to avoid calling at Tunisia

In light of political uncertainty in the Tunisian Republic, MSC  Cruises is altering its itineraries of cruises that would have called at Tunis.

In a statement issued by the company issued a statement regarding the situation in Tunisia and itinerary changes.

“MSC Cruises has always implemented all necessary policies to ensure the safety and comfort of its guests, as this is our main concern,” the company stated.

“Therefore, with reference to the current situation in the Tunisian Republic, should conditions not return to normal, all the ships concerned will take an alternative itinerary during the weekly cruises, and not call at Tunis.”

The following ships are affected:

MSC Fantasia  from April 16 to October 15

MSC Splendida from April 10  to November 6

MSC Lirica from April 18 to October 7

MSC Sinfonia from June 4 to October 15

“In case that the situation gets back to normal, the original itinerary will be respected and the call at Tunis will be operated as usual.”

For further information, call 800.666.9333 or visit

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