Lonely Planet Helps Stranded North American Travelers with Free iPhone City Guide Apps

With ice and snowstorms continuing to delay flights across the US and Canada, Lonely Planet is offering 14 of its iPhone City Guide apps free to stranded travelers for a limited time.

“We recognize that travelers are stuck all over the country due to these recent storms and will need access to our content”, said John Boris, Lonely Planet’s Managing Director. “Thus, we made all our US and Canadian iPhone City Guide apps free so that regardless of whether they are stuck in a blizzard or on the beach, they can easily download the practical information and recommendations we provide straight onto their phone”.

The 14 guides, normally $5.99,  will be free in the iTunes App Store from 6  pmPST on Tuesday, February 1, to 6 pm PST Friday, February 4, 2011.

The cities available are:

·         San Francisco

·         New York City

·         Boston

·         Washington DC

·         Chicago

·         Seattle

·         New Orleans

·         Vancouver

·         Las Vegas

·         Miami

·         Toronto

·         Los Angeles

·         Montreal

·         Fort Myers and Sanibel

Lonely Planet has a history of helping stranded travelers, having offered their European iPhone City Guide apps free during the eruption of Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull and again during the Christmas snowstorms. This is the first time they’ve offered their US or Canadian city guides for free.

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