Enjoy Three Signature Alaska Tours in One Day

The Alaska Galore Tour includes a chance to see a salmon run in Tongass National Forest. Here a boy snatches salmon as they leap © 2010 Karen Rubin/news-photos-features.com.

Three family-owned Alaskan tour companies have partnered this Summer to offer three of the best Southeastern Alaska attractions in one economical, action-packed day. The all-day excursion combines whale watching, a bear search, and glacier viewing by plane. Louis Juergens, owner and tour operator of Alaska Galore Tours (www.alaskagaloretours.com) calls it, “The perfect Trifecta of Alaska attractions.”

The Alaska Galore Tour (co-owners Juergens and Jamie Letterman) begins with a two and a half-hour Whale Watch onboard their state-of-the-art, 18-passenger custom built eco-tour landing vessel, complete with heated cabin and bathrooms. Humpback Whales, Stellar Sea Lions, Dall’s Porpoise, Harbor Seals, Killer Whales, and Bald Eagles have been spotted while cruising from Juneau to the Tlingit village of Hoonah, located on Chichagof Island. Naturalists and bear guides from TECKK Outfitters (www.teckkoutfittersicystrait.com, owner Keith Skaflestad) take the group along a boardwalk trail that leads from a tropical beach area to a salmon-bearing stream in the Tongass National Forest, where they will help locate bears and Sitka deer. The tour returns back to Juneau via a 30-minute scenic flight over the Juneau Icefield, courtesy of Air Excursions (owner Mike Loverink). The last portion of the tour offers aerial views of the Inside Passage, as well as Herbert Glacier, Eagle Glacier, and Mendanhall Glacier.

The novel tour is set at a price that is gentle to the pocketbook, while offering a small group atmosphere. The Whales, Bears & Glaciers Adventure costs $399 per adult and $329 per child, ages 4-12 — substantially less than if you booked each portion of the tour separately. Another advantage to this package is that the maximum number of participants on each tour day is only 36 (including adults and children), split into two groups of 18 passengers per boat. Currently, only Princess cruise ships exclusively offer the “Whales, Bears & Glaciers Adventure” package while in their Juneau port of call. However, private parties may book separately, with a minimum of 12 people.

Alaska at this time of the year on land and water can be sunny or rainy, warm or cold. The Tour operators recommend dressing in layers, and remind guests to bring both sunglasses and raingear.

The tour is available for purchase on all Princess ships (https://book.princess.com) stopping in Juneau through Sept. 23, except the Royal Princess. For private bookings, contact Alaska Galore Tours directly, at 877-794-2537 or e-mail them at: info@alaskagalore.com.

— by Laurie Millman and Martin Rubin

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