Papua New Guinea Invites Divers To Name Their Own Site And Win A Trip

Papua New Guinea (PNG) is inviting divers to enter a “Name Your Own Dive Site” contest to help the island destination name two new dive sites that have rarely been dived before; the winner gets a free trip.

The dive sites, one located near the Tufi Resort and another located alongside Walindi Plantation Resort offer an abundance of best-in-class dive opportunities.

The competition is easy. Divers can visit to provide original submissions for naming one of the two locales. Submissions will be collected now through August 31st 2010. The author of the winning name will win a free trip for two to Papua New Guinea to participate in an underwater naming and ribbon cutting ceremony.

Papua New Guinea’s dive sites are among the best in the world as divers come from far and wide to experience the island’s spectacular natural wonders. Located in the Indo-Pacific Area, PNG lays claim to being home to twice as many marine species as the popular diving waters of the Red Sea and up to five times as many as the Caribbean. Often dubbed the ‘underwater photographer’s paradise’ Papua New Guinea has provided the backdrop to an abundance of international award -winning photo shoots.

“Papua New Guinea is truly the country of A Thousand Different Dives and A Million Different Journeys and with so many amazing dive locations to choose from it is exciting to give divers the opportunity to name one and visit it for themselves,” said Mr. Peter Vincent, CEO of the Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority.

PNG is said to have the highest array of tropical fish and corals in the world. Encouraged by the constant movement of the surrounding Bismarck, Coral and Solomon Seas, there are a stunning array of species to be discovered. Everything from tiny Pygmy Seahorses and Nudibranchs to the magnificent whale shark can be encountered by diving Papua New Guinea. The island is filled with spectacular reefs that have never before been dived with water temperatures averaging 83°F and visibility between 50-150 feet.

Contestants for the Sweepstakes must be from the U.S. or Canada. The prize will include round-trip airfare from Los Angeles to Papua New Guinea, 5 night’s accommodation with meals at either Tufi Dive Resort or Walindi Plantation Resort and diving with an underwater ribbon cutting ceremony announcing the new site name!

To enter the competition, visit For more information about Papua New Guinea, visit

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