Keeps Travelers Apprised of Gulf Beach & Travel Conditions, a social network for travelers and travel experts, has launched the Gulf Coast Travel Update (, an online group that provides convenient, centralized information on travel conditions in all the Gulf states affected by the BP oil spill disaster as well as extreme weather such as hurricanes.

Unlike other online resources which cover the spill, focuses only on how it affects travel to the region, thus helping potential visitors find what they need quickly and efficiently. The group, which forms part of the social network for travelers and travel experts, is accessible via its own URL.

Group visitors will discover a comprehensive list of tourism resources, beach status reports, and oil spill/weather monitoring for Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, and where applicable Mexico, thus avoiding the need to check multiple Web sites when planning a trip. An aggregated Twitter feed provides minute-by-minute news from Gulf state tourism boards and travel professionals. The group’s discussion forum and comment wall allow travelers to cut through the clutter of the Internet and dialogue with fellow travelers, travel professionals, journalists and locals to get reliable information on Gulf Coast beach conditions and travel in general.

“Not only does this online group provide reliable Gulf Coast information all in one place, it allows direct dialogue between experts and concerned travelers,” says Tripatini founder and CEO David Paul Appell.

Tripatini President José Balido adds, “In today’s busy media landscape, many travelers don’t know where to begin searching for reliable information about current conditions on the Gulf Coast. Gulf Coast Travel Update helps travelers and travel professionals cut through the misinformation and the static.”

Dubbed “Facebook for travelers” by the New York Post, is a social network for travelers and travel experts that boasts a unique international membership base and more than 350 specialized groups. Launched in summer 2009 to eliminate the traditional barriers between travelers, travel journalists, publicists, agents, vendors, and savvy insiders, the site gains new dynamic content, groups and membership daily.’s community combines travel content such as destination spotlights, user-generated blogs, image galleries and news feeds with a fast-growing network of members to provide travel information.

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One Response to “ Keeps Travelers Apprised of Gulf Beach & Travel Conditions”

  1. Key West Vacations Says:

    Moving past the spill, paradise awaits you, Key West beaches.

    all the best

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